Netflix Video: Graham Bosworth recognizes the inequities inherent in our justice system

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

In 2018, Graham sat down with Fab 5 Freddy to talk about the inherent prejudice and inequity in our justice system for the documentary “Grass is Greener,” which can be found here on Netflix.

“There are so many levels of prejudice, even if it’s just kind of subconscious, even if it’s just systemic as opposed to intentional, that have definitely created a cycle of disproportionate abuse in terms of the criminal justice system coming down on African Americans, there’s no question.” –Graham Bosworth

Graham knows that a Criminal District Court judge must recognize the inequities inherent in our justice system and treat everyone fairly and with respect.

*In the full length documentary, Graham speaks at 1:00:46 and 1:05:33.


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